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41.30 gifs of Cara signing & 11 playing the drums. Includes only small and high quality gifs. They are all made by me, so please don't steal my work or pass it as yours. If this helped you, i appreciate a like/reblog.




Today a couple anons asked me how I coloured this gifset so I’m making a tutorial even tho I suck at explaining (◠‿◠✿)

So I’m going to make this:


Becomes this:


  • I used Photoshop CS5.
  • English isn’t my native language so I’m sorry for any mistakes.

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Sorry for the terrible banner graphic

Anonymous requested how I created the text effects on these

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How to: draw an underwater bubble
I don’t know why I hadn’t posted this sooner. I totally forgot! I hope it can be useful

Originally from my deviantart.

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Character Psd #1 by Elliot; "Twitter Grey" |DOWNLOAD|

so here’s my first ever character psd. it’s based on twitter, obviously. you can either have a gif as the little profile picture or you can just have a regular image. idk i think it’s cute. the fonts i used was "Arial" and "Helvetica Neue"

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  • please don’t redistribute.
  • ~stay beautiful~

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#c psd 

Evan’s How-To: How to Play a Stutterer



You’ve seen them all over the roleplay community; characters with stutters. People think that this is an acceptable form of a “disability” without actually being disabled, but poorly portraying someone with a speech impediment can be insulting to those who actually suffer from the disorder. In this article, we’re going to cover what a stutter actually is, and how to portray one in a more proper manner. 

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I’ve seen many admins struggle with their roleplay’s activity, and most unfortunately, it’s often because there wasn’t a proper transition between a good story plot and a good RP plot. To avoid that frustration, let’s go over some good characteristics of an RP plot now!

Be aware that these are only suggestions and are limited to my RP experience over the past few years. This isn’t a formula for success, but is hopefully a boost towards it.

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Since it’s Valentines Day I wanted to make you guys a gift! and I’ve come up with this pack. It contains 26 psd’s of various movies, music videos and series, such as Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Frozen, Teen Wolf, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Little Mix’s, etc. But they can really be used for everything, you just adjust them to your liking.

Download: mf

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I have a question and this if for health. How many of you feel like you’re too fat/skinny/pathetic/annoying/ or anything else than does with self esteem?


Hackcollege’s Get More Out Of Google

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the best advice i can give you for photoshop as it applies to tumblr graphics.


  • DO sharpen gifs. DON’T sharpen caps for picspam.
  • when making picspam, cap choice is just as important as coloring. 
  • when you color, enhance what is already there. don’t take a yellow cap and try to turn it purple. it’s going to look ridiculous. 
  • it’s better to under saturate that over saturate.
  • that tumblr trend with the chopped words lazy minimalism scratched out face etc that you think looks neat and everyone is doing seems like a good idea now, but its not. its not a good idea.
  • start an inspiration folder and use it when you want to start something new. that doesn’t mean  ”copy other people work” but break other graphics down and do your best to try to mimic the effect for your own knowledge. everybody learns by imitation. you can make it your own. i’ve had mine for 5-6 years now and its the best thing i ever did..
  • if the typography looks questionable, it probably is. that goes for most things. trust your instincts.
  • don’t stress about the fact that you “don’t have your own style”. some people take years to develop a recognizable look to their work. its okay. you will.
  • ANYBODY can be good at photoshop. ANYBODY. theres no creative gene that makes you pre disposed to photoshop superpowers, and its insulting to assume that some people are naturally better because it invalidates the years of suffering they went through to be as good as they are. Your favorite graphic makers didn’t get out of bed and master PS. YOU DON’T NEED ANY ARTISTIC EXPERIENCE TO START PHOTOSHOP. photoshop is something that takes practice, but you aren’t broken. you aren’t hopeless. 
  • arial bold italic with a +1 or 2 stroke for dialogue text.
  • when applying textures, soft light and screen are your best friends, and (probably) lower the opacity.
  • if you use a popular texture, always try to make it unrecognizable.
  • put your textures under your color layers always. 
  • even if you screw up a lot, never stop experimenting. you don’t have to post every failure, but screwing up is part of learning. 
  • idk or just ignore me

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Sorry for disappearing, I had my first couple of exams since the new term started. I’ll be queueing some posts, if you have any questions which I do that, just hit me up.

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"I've seen some crazy shit, bro" --

Atlanta, Georgia, one of the biggest, or most talked about cities in the United States. Usually the ATL makes people think of good music and good parties, but for some people there, mainly those of which are in college, it has a bigger, more hardcore meaning. Drugs. Within the last five years a giant scheme has risen in infamy around the city, a ruthless gang of young adults looking for the life of the rich and famous, just without all the fame and bullshit. Anyone who wants the best hookups knows someone that works for one man, the man that’s keeping Atlanta on its toes.

"Ain't nothing compared to a night with them though." --

Capo, commonly the shorted term for ‘capo de la droga’, which is the Spanish version of Drug Lord. For the group being called Capos it mean that all of them are in charge, because without them, this operation wouldn’t be nearly as successful. So, if you’re on the streets of Atlanta and you hear about the Capos, you better start running, start spending, or you better have something good to offer, because this group won’t be easy to just walk past. With a grand total of eighteen employees, most of which serve double duty amongst them, they have a bond that isn’t about to be broken. They all want the same thing, they’re going to keep their end of the deal, and they’re going to work until they have it. Sure things are going to get sticky in between, but doesn’t that always happen?

Welcome to Atlanta, have fun.

Full Plot | Roles | Rules | Inbox | App Count.

Texture Pack
by thejacketslut

  • contains 39 random textures
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  • credit isn’t necessary but appreciated